Dirah Course Testimonials from Recent Students

The Dirah Courses are different from anything in the line of correspondence courses I have ever before encountered.  I think it is because they engage you fully in the process of learning and mainly with your own chart; you are not just pupil and teacher, but more rather as partners in the fascinating process of learning Jyotish.  Highly recommended, with excellent tutoring and guidance from Steve.

C.W. (Brighton, UK)

Steve is an excellent teacher; he is very knowledgeable, clear and precise and is also very encouraging and positive.  I have found these qualities very important in studying such a vast and profound subject as Jyotish.  When I started the course I did not know what to expect but as I have progressed I have been more and more impressed by the way that such complex topics have been explained simply and clearly; not only this but one learns how to apply these concepts straight away in a practical manner.

B.G.S. (Bath, UK)

The course is so thoughtfully and beautifully set out!

B.H. (Luton, UK)

I very much appreciate your deep and extremely helpful remarks and judgements, which I will need to re-read and meditate on many times.  I am finding your course immensely valuable and incisive.  It is living with me a lot of the time.

G.B. (Huddersfield, UK)

Thank you for marking my assignment so thoroughly with helpful comments; I am now feeling much more confident in my approach.

T.P. (Middlesex, UK)

Many thanks for your speedy response to my last assignment and the beautiful certificates which arrived today.  I’d like to thank you for your help and support during the course, not least your patience when I’ve had a problem grasping something or merely misreading the text!  There’s a stunning amount of information in the courses and I know I’ll be dipping back into the course notes for years to come.

C.E. (Newcastle, UK)

This is just to thank you for tutoring me through the four Vedic Astrology courses.  You’ve been so patient and encouraging and I’ve really appreciated that.  It’s quite remarkable how much the courses cover – I keep going back to them and finding even more than I first realised.

C.E. (Newcastle, UK) – Dirah Diploma: Advanced Studies in Vedic Astrology

Please find enclosed my final assignment.  I have really enjoyed this journey – it has revealed much to me – I will endeavour to practice now on new charts.

T.P. (Middlesex, UK)

A short note to thank you for all your assistance with the course and the extra tutorials are really helpful –  It’s such a vast subject to study, I wonder how people manage just on reading books only.

S.S. (Glastonbury, UK)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses and can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful help and expertise, through which I have learned at least as much as the courses themselves. You are a superb tutor.

C.W. (Brighton, UK) – Dirah Diploma: Advanced Studies in Vedic Astrology