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Dirah Academy is an International organisation, offering first class correspondence courses in Vedic Astrology.  We have professional astrologers in many parts of the world –  the UK and Eire, Holland, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Spain and Latin America, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand, and our courses are approved and accredited by The Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA).  You can find further information about these services at

Email Correspondence Courses in Vedic Astrology

Dirah Academy is pleased to be at the ‘leading edge’ of providing distance-learning courses in Vedic Astrology.  Our courses are unique in that each course:

•    Allows you to work on your own chart, providing a tool for Self-Realisation

•    Uses one-to-one tuition with an experienced, practising astrologer

•    Uses email support with prompt feedback on your assignments

•    Provides about 100 study hours

•    Is flexible-learning, in that you can study where and when you want to, and take as long as you like

•    Provides progression onto the next higher-level course

•    Has a Certificate of Dirah Academy International

•    Contributes towards the Diploma in ‘Advanced Studies in Vedic Astrology’

•    Is approved and credited by CVA, the Council of Vedic Astrology

•    Provides excellent value-for-money (each course is just £210)

Summary of the Diploma Program: Advanced Studies in Vedic Astrology

The Foundation Course (Module 1) is a complete course in Vedic Astrology in itself, in which, upon completion, you will be able to undertake a systematic house-by-house analysis of your Vedic horoscope.  We are also pleased, however, to offer three more advanced courses, which upon successful completion of all 4 modules leads to the award of the Dirah Academy

International Diploma in ‘Advanced Studies in Vedic Astrology’.

We realise the amount of work and effort that students do in order to complete our courses which are of a very high standard.  As a result, we believe that this new award recognises the high level of study, expertise and commitment of Dirah students.  In being awarded this Diploma, it shows that the student has a good understanding of the different techniques in Jyotish and can use these techniques wisely and effectively.  It is also a good qualification for those who wish to practice Vedic Astrology professionally.  Moreover, Dirah Academy has many centres throughout the world, and so this Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification.

Module 1: Applied Vedic Astrology (Foundation)

Introduction, The Sidereal Zodiac, The Ayanamsha, Planets Signs and House, Planetary Friendship, House Lordship,

Temporary Benefics & Malefics, Aspects, Yogas, Dashas, Varga Charts, Remedial Measures, Ayurveda, Chart Analysis

Nakshatras, Shadbala, Tajika Astrology, Horary Astrology, Muhurta & Prashna, Varshaphal, Relationship Compatibility,

Jaimini Astrology, Chara Dasha, Systems Approach, Krishnamurti Paddhati, Transits, Western Aspects, Outer Planets,

- Counts for 100 points towards CVA Level 1 –

Module 2: Applied Vedic Astrology (Advanced)

More Varga Charts, Bhava Charts, Chart Analysis

- Counts for 100 points towards CVA Level 1 –

Module 3: Advanced Techniques for Jyotish

Bhrigu & Tertiary Progressions, Eclipses, Astrocartography

- Counts for 100 points towards CVA Level 2 –

Module 4: Advanced Knowledge for Jyotish

Rectification, Starting an Astrological Practice, Advanced Stellar Astrology, Yogi & Avayogi, Advanced Relationship

Compatibility, Mrityu Bhaga (Fatal Degrees), Rashi Tulya Navamsha, Horary Chart, More Yogas

- Counts for 100 points towards CVA Level 2 –

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